Your Personal Health Line Is Approaching The Death Line

Getting rid of health symptoms and disease is not a mystery to be solved any more. Doctors seem to do it all the time. All it takes is 3 medications to silence deadly health symptoms and 12 other medications to combat the side effects of the first 3 medications prescribed.

“Two thirds of Canadians over 65 years old take a minimum of 5 prescription drugs per day and one quarter take over 10 or more per day” reports Health Care In Canada, 2011 A Focus on Seniors And Aging.

As we know Doctors are good at getting rid of symptoms, which sometimes leads to getting rid of the problem, but where they fail is in making sure that the initial problem doesn’t come back.

What kind of life do you want to have?
Perhaps sitting in a Doctors office each and every month waiting hours to get your prescriptions refilled is perfectly ok with you?

Or maybe it doesn’t matter that those 3 to 10+ drugs you will be taking won’t ever really solve any of your problems. You spend your retirement years (your golden years) feeling tired, bloated; inflamed with pain you never had before and unable to go, do and move like you thought you would.
Before I can teach the ways to ensure that the above scenario does not happen to you I first have to explain your line of personal health.

There are 2 key components we need to establish. The first is your current state of health and the other key component are your body systems and organs that affect your our health.
There are literally thousands of systems and organs that affect our daily health but we are going to focus on just 3 for now: The Immune System, The Circulatory System (Heart) and The Control of Mutated Cells (Cancer).

Your level of health rises and falls between the different lines listed below.

Line Of Personal Health: This line represents you and your personal level of health. It will rise and fall throughout your life. The goal is to keep your personal level of health as close to optimal as possible.

Line of Optimum Health: In a perfect world our personal health line would match the optimal health line but since we don’t live in a perfect world we do our best to get as close to the optimal health line as possible.

Line of Symptoms: As long as all of our organs and symptoms function above this line we have no problems. The moment our personal health line dips below this line we experience problems. The problems could be ever so slight that we don’t pay attention at first and ignore them.

So the problems persist long enough that our personal health line dips below the Line of Symptoms and we start to pay attention.

The Death Line: If any part of our personal health line touches our death line we die. Plain and simple.

image from your personal health line etc 

Now let me tell you a story. We will track the health story of “Jane”, an average 40 year old.
Jane born with a slight weakness (either genetic or from her parents lifestyle) that affects her immune system.

Of course Jane experienced the regular colds and flu’s growing up but at no point did her personal health line drop below the Line of Symptoms.
Over the 40 years of her life though Jane has contributed to the weakness in her immune system by taking antibiotics, the birth control pill, not getting enough sleep, consuming too much caffeine and sugar on a daily basis, lacking beneficial good bacteria, being deficient in Vitamin D, Vitamin B and essential fatty acids just to name a few.

It’s gotten to the point where now Jane’s personal health line has dipped below the line of symptoms. Jane is tired all the time. She gets 2 to 3 colds every year, a bladder infection or two yearly and doesn’t sleep soundly.

A friend of Jane’s suggests that she try a probiotic, Vitamin D and melatonin to help boost her immune system and to sleep better. Since these three supplements address a couple of Jane’s problems (lack of good bacteria, deficiency of Vitamin D and poor sleep) Jane’s personal health line rises slightly just above the Line of Symptoms. Jane feels so much better – she’s cured!

Jane is so excited that she has been ‘cured’ – that her fatigue is gone and that she went through a winter without a cold. She decided to promote her life changing supplement regime to everyone she knows because surely it will be the life changing cure for them too.

One day Jane is talking to her friend Michelle who is also exhausted all the time and gets sinus infections on a regular basis. Since the probiotic, vitamin D and melatonin worked so well for Jane she enthusiastically promotes them to Michelle as the cure for her fatigue and sinus problems.

So Michelle goes out and spends over a $100 on supplements and starts to take them that day. The next day Michelle calls up Jane and yells at her that the probiotic she told her to take gave her the WORST stomach pains, diaherrea and she just wasted so much money.

Three weeks later Michelle calls Jane up again and demands that Jane pay her for the waste of money she spent on the Vitamin D and melatonin too because she is still exhausted. Jane’s miracle cure didn’t work for Michelle. The result is that Michelle see’s no improvement in her personal health line. Now Jane is doubting her own ‘cure’ too.

Later on Michelle starts to take adrenal support, gets IV vitamin infusions and removes dairy from her diet. All of a sudden Michelle is cured and she starts to share her miracle cure with everyone she knows.
It’s worth noting here that had Michelle stayed on the probiotic her overall level of health would have been improved. The reason she reacted that way to the probiotic was because it was too strong for her and she needed to start with a lower daily dose.

The bottom line is that the same couple of supplements used by two different people who seemingly had the same symptoms produced entirely different results.

What does that mean?

It means that taking health advice from friends, gulping down pills, potions, shakes and miracle cures is a waste of time, energy and money. It’s like trying to get a whole in one while blind folded – the odds are very much against you.

The secret to health and the secrets that all of us alternative health professionals share is that in order to raise your personal health line above the line of symptoms and have it permanently stay there is to target all areas of a your health and not just your symptoms.

When you work with me I design a personalized plan and make sure to address all of your body systems. I coach you and support each symptom as needed so we can ensure your ENTIRE body is functioning as optimally as it can. The result of this type of program is that your personal health line stays way above the line of symptoms.

There is no reason why you should be taking 3 medications to get rid of your health symptoms and then 12 other medications to ensure you silence the side effects coming from the first 3 medications and all of the potential drug interactions.

If you are ready to raise your personal health line, feel energized, without pain and get back your vitality then give me a call at 604-489-0200.

Stop ignoring the symptoms… don’t wait until your personal health line falls and you have to play catch up with your health.

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