Egg Yolks Versus Egg Whites

How many of us have been taught to eat only the white and toss the yolks

“They are high in fat and cholesterol!”

And that is true. This is the part of the egg that holds the promise of a new creature and that needs certain elements to be able to make that promise come true in the right environment with all it’s parts in place

Therefore the yolks are also the part where most of the nutrition is. And if you only eat the whites you lose out on those.

What is the answer?

Balance and don’t worry too much. Eggs were eaten in their entirety for many millennia and our ancestors did not have the problems we have now.

The cholesterol that is in a food, eaten within a balanced meal plan is not worry some and your body will get rid of the excess through binding it with bile and getting rid of it through our stool

Being aware that there is a high amount of fat in a food should help you balance the rest of your meal, by using a little less

So eat some and enjoy the taste of them. Eat them as a folded omelet with stir fried veggies hidden in them, or as an egg salad with lots of raw vegetables to balance things out.

Have some for break fast, as a great alternative for a meat to make a vegetarian dinner or as a handy snack.

Have then poached or boiled, make the flax seed bread with them or even put them in a smoothie to add some extra protein.

Make sure they are from free range, organically fed chickens and you are good to go

For the Flax Seed Recipe go to


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Eat whole foods and benefit from all it’s nutrients

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