Do We Really Need Exercise?

I just came home from a wonderful fitness Retreat hosted by Coast Fitness, one of our local fitness centres. I was asked to do a workshop on lacto-fermenting and the health benefits of fermented foods.

Since I love many things fermented and I teach classes in fermenting I was definitely game and said yes right away.

The weekend was great and being in a wonderful Resort & Spa there was no problem enjoying myself.

Since this weekend was hosted by a Fitness Studio you can expect to have some fitness classes being offered and  since I was there I participated in some of the classes.

Now I am not 20 years old any more and I don’t have to have that perfect figure. I also don’t feel like I need to be able to run a marathon, but this weekend taught me a few things about body areas I do have to concern myself with and I thought I would share this with you since this is something we all need to concern ourselves with.

What we need to worry about is how strong how body is in being able to perform it’s day to day duties. As we are getting older our body will start to lose muscle mass and if we don’t keep up we don’t only lose a shapely body, but we also lose some things we may take for granted right now, like; walking up and down the stairs, getting in and out of our chair, getting in and out of bed, using the toilet, getting dressed, being able to wash yourself, being able to open up a jar, handling a can opener, lifting groceries in and out of the car and into the house and worst of all; not being able to get up off the floor after a fall.

Losing this kind of  muscle strength is scary, especially of you did have a fall. Even if you do not break any bones, you still may lay on the floor for days not being able to get up. How sad is that.

So our need is not staying active and fit for the sake of staying active and fit. Our need is to stay strong enough to be able to do the menial tasks we take for granted and to be able to get ourselves off the ground if needed.

There are specific exercises for that and you need to work at it, things don’t just happen. Just thinking you are strong enough doesn’t make it so. I found that out this weekend.

So find your self a Fitness Studio to help you with some of these things or go on line and find some exercises. You can get CD’s or a Recreation Centre where they offer classes focussed on this or make use of a personal trainer. There are so many options. Don’t just think about it, go do something about it and get strong

Of course exercising and not looking after your nutritional health is not enough.

I offer many different programs to help with weight loss, maintenance and gain. I help people with digestive issues and many other issues.

Getting strong and staying strong does not only happen with exercise. Your body needs building blocks to perform it’s functions. The nutrients in your foods, which include the right amount of energy (calories) from the right kinds of foods; carbs, proteins and fats,  linked with the vitamins, minerals, phyto nutrients and such, need to be of the right quality to give your body the chance to perform, build and repair.

I can help you find the right meal plan based on your body’s needs,  that will help your body get back on the right track; to function the way it was intended.

Call me at 604-489-0200 or contact me to set up an appointment. Your first 30 minutes will be complimentary for this month


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