Do I Really Need To Work Out?

It is 6 in the morning and I am laying in bed thinking about whether I should get up and exercise. I have only about 15 minutes to do something about this and my bed is still so nice and warm. I turn around and fall asleep for a little while longer.

I am on my way to do my shopping and I am looking for a parking spot. It is the end of my working day and I like to get home to have my dinner and relax (or do my home work). I could chose to park a little further away so I get a little exercise in (which only takes a few minutes, but at least I am moving a little), but then I feel a little tired and opt to find a spot as close to the entrance as I can.

I am sitting at my office job most of the day. I should stand up and do a few stretches every hour and set my alarm for it, but I think I am too busy to work in a few minutes here and there.

It is lunch time and I go from my desk chair to the chair in the luncheon room (I walked there, didn’t I?). I eat my lunch, I have a few minutes left and could go outside to stretch my legs, but I feel to unmotivated to actually act on my thought. Ten minutes later I need to be back at my desk and lost the opportunity.

I take the elevator when I could take the stairs, I take all things at ones in stead of walking a few times. I walk leisurely when I could speed things up a bit.

Recognize any of this? It is easy to just push the exercise aside and go through our days without really using the muscles we have been given.

So how important are these muscles?

  • Skeletal musclesallow us to move (Think, chewing your food,  walking,  picking up things,bending down, the motion of sitting down or standing up, blinking your eyes etc.) and  help protect our vital organs.
  • Cardiac muscle; our heart pumps our blood
  • Smooth muscles in our blood vessels make sure that the blood gets distributed throughout the body)and aid in digestion (How did you think the food traveled from our mouth, through our digestive track to the other side of the body?)

These functions sound actually very important and we all know the saying the “when we don’t use it we lose it”.

“But”, you say, “I don’t have an hour each day to do exercise”. “I cannot afford a club membership”.

These are legitimate reasons, but if we believe that “Muscle is the absolute centerpiece for being healthy, vital and independent as we grow older”, and that the above mentioned functions of the muscles are crucial, then it also follows that we cannot afford not to exercise if you want to stay strong, mobile and independant as you grow older.

Does it need to take an hour each day to exercise? Do you need to join a gym? Only if you can afford it and need the accountability.

There are many ways you can use your muscles and exercise them without the gym or doing it for an hour each day. You can start by looking at some of the above mentioned excuses and implement them throughout your day. Make them part of your life. A few minutes here or there are better than nothing at all and a great start to new found health. You can spare a few minutes more to park a little farther away. You can do some push-ups against a wall or sliding your back towards a squad and holding it there for a minute. You can have a little run with your grocery cart as you are making your way back to your car. You can make an extra trip up and down the stairs to pretend you forgot something. You can dance when you play some great music or make funny faces in the mirror to yourself (don’t forget your facial muscles. You don’t want to lose the ability to smile.) You can take some deep breaths when you are sitting being your desk or in front of that red stop light.

You can get a rebounder (small trampoline) or a few dumbles or stretch bands for a reasonable price at Walmart.

You can move in front of the TV when you are watching a show or decided to do some stretches or other short excercises during each commercial of your show. Jumping 10 minutes on the rebounder is a great workout for your muscles and your lymphatic system.

All these things add a little more movement to your day and as you add these little things and keep an eye on the things you eat, you will slowly but surely start to look forward to moving a little extra, run a little, walk the stairs and be fore you know it you will find a little more time to move more.

And if you still have young children and you start showing them the importance of movement throughout your day, you will give them the best example of doing that as well, so not only you will become healthier, but your children also.

What kind of little exercises do you implement in your day?



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