New Year's Resolutions?

“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no I’ll start tomorrow. Tomorrow is disease.”

How many of us wait until tomorrow, next month or the beginning of the year to start their new program, their new membership to a fitness studio, their new eating habits.

New beginnings are like the first page in your new notebook/diary or journal. They are exiting and we look forward to writing  in them.

I love a new notebook. I find a cover that I like. I look at what the pages look like on the inside. These things are important to me; they have to be just right. I think about what I could write in them. Most of the time I have no clue, but like the notebook too much to leave it in the store and I buy it and bring it home.

At home I continue to contemplate what I am going to use this journal for, what is it that I am going to write on the first page. The first page is so important to me. It needs to be something special I write in there. It is not just going to be a shopping list or a list of things to do and even if that is what the notebook is meant for, the first page has to be different than all the others pages after. It needs to be just so, perfect. And so the journal can be empty for days or weeks, months or even years. Some of them I have never even started.

So what about the ones that I have never started? They just look good on the outside, but there is nothing inside that will tell me anything, it is just an empty booklet. There are no memories, no struggles, no celebrations, nothing.

The ones that have been started but never finished, even though they are not finished, they tell me a story of some of the things that have happened in my life. It could be something that I thought was funny with regards to things my children did when they were really young, a struggle I had to write myself through. Shopping lists and to do lists tell me about the life in those years and bring me back to other memories. Things may be different now, but I can see where I have come from and where I am now.

I understand not that it is not necessarily for the journal to be perfect, even though it is imperfect, it has been started and it tells a story.

This is how it should be with changing your way of eating or adding exercises to your lifestyle. It is not about doing it perfectly or having a perfect plan, it is about starting. You don’t want to wait until you know exactly how to start it, you just need to start and make your mistakes and find what really works for you. Not what works for your spouse, your children, your friends, the fitness studio, etc, but what works for you.

That can take some time to figure out, but that does not mean that you should only start after you have figured that out. Never wait until tomorrow what you can start today, right now.  Don’t wait until next Monday, next week, the New Year. Never make a New Year’s resolution ever again. Start right now, this minute, this second.

Get off your chair and walk the stairs just once more than you normally do. Don’t stay in your seat during tv commercials, but move.

Right now go to your pantry and take out one thing of which you know it to be your trigger food and throw it out. Don’t leave it there for the children, for it is your trigger food and it will keep calling your name. Take it out right now, hold it under the tap and wreck it so that you cannot go back to it again. When you are hungry and you would normally have gone for that trigger food, you now go to something else; a healthier choice or you go clean out a drawer that has been calling for your attention for a long time. Or you write a friend or close family member a real letter so that the trigger food that calls your name right now does not get a hold of you any longer. Keep yourself busy and learn to do different things at the times you would be eating the chips, the cookies, the chocolate bars.

Don’t go on a diet on the first of the month, but change your lifestyle right now, this minute, this second and don’t wait.

It will be hard and you may need some help on finding out which your trigger foods are, which foods can be swapped for a healthier version or which one needs to really go.

With the holidays on its way resolve that you don’t have to end up with a food hangover at the end of it and a New Year’s resolution you will mostly not even start or adhere to.

Let me help you, call me, email me and let me give you a hand. I can promise you that it is worth it, you are worth it and you will feel so much better.

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