A Bouquet Worthy to Stick Your Teeth In. Are You Worth It?

This morning I was in the garden to get some greens for my smoothie.

I have a decent size garden and although it is not perfect (who has time for perfection any ways), it suits us and helps sustain us.

I actually was looking at my “volunteer” kale plants. The ones that had seeded [...]

Your Personal Health Line Is Approaching The Death Line

Getting rid of health symptoms and disease is not a mystery to be solved any more. Doctors seem to do it all the time. All it takes is 3 medications to silence deadly health symptoms and 12 other medications to combat the side effects of the first 3 medications prescribed.

“Two thirds of Canadians over [...]

Feel full until your next meal with these whole food nutrient dense snack ideas.

Feeling hungry is actually a good thing. It signals that you are in a fat burning zone. Except it’s only 10am in the morning, your stomach is growling, and you’re feeling hungry.

You are doing your best trying to watch your weight and don’t want to overdo your daily food intake limit. But you [...]

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Today I read an article that brought me back 21 years in time.

I was a stay-at-home Mum and was raising 5 children, it was a wonderful, privileged time with them.

I was in the kitchen and tried to give my middle son a bowl of home made yoghurt, to which he said: “I cannot [...]

Cancer Scare Does Not Have To End In Surgery

On May 14th, 2013, Angelina Jolie let the world know she had been diagnosed with carrying the BRCA gene giving her possibly a higher chance of contracting breast and/or ovarian cancer. She made the brave decision that for her the best solution was to have both breasts removed to bring the breast cancer risk factor [...]

5 Steps to Reducing Bloating

Your digestion is a huge part of your fat loss equation. You could follow your nutrition plan 90% of the time, work out 3-4 times per week and yet still feel bloated and heavy.

Your frustration is mounting and you are ready to throw in the towel, but before you do try some of these [...]

To Cheat Or Not To Cheat…That Is The Burning Question

The popularity of a good cheat meal has resurfaced again. The phrase ‘cheat meal’ has been embedded into mainstream dieting language where just a few short years ago is what a term reserved only for body builders and those trying to put on muscle.

It’s like the cheat meal has become its own weight loss [...]

7 Stay Slim Strategies

You’ve seen it happen to your friends. Maybe it’s even happened to you. You worked hard to lose the weight and have regained it in half the time it took to lose it. Yes, losing weight is hard. It’s harder to keep the weight off long-term, but maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t have to be [...]


Have you ever wondered, “What can I eat to help my body work better?” I have and it’s a question I get asked a lot by my clients. Spring is a time for regeneration and renewal. It’s a time to shed those extra winter pounds and lighten up.

If you are feeling a bit bogged [...]

Super Foods. What are they and what makes them so super?

Something of a buzzword these days, Super Foods are loaded with nutritional value beyond that of other foods. With powerful benefits that range from helping you lose weight to acting as a cholesterol-lowering agent, if these foods aren’t a part of your daily diet, they should be. And don’t worry. Despite their awe-inspiring name, Super [...]