Smoothie Recipes

I love smoothies and have a special, growing collection of recipes here that will delight you.

Have a look and see whether there is anything you like. You can use these recipes as is or you can use them as a base to play with.

Look in your fridge and/or freezer and see what you can find that may enhance the smoothie you are planning to make.

Keep in mind the reason you are making the smoothie for.

  • Is it to benefit from the enzymes in raw foods? Make sure to add only fresh vegetables, fresh or frozen fruit, raw nuts and seeds. Nothing roasted, canned or blanched
  • Is it to lose weight? Keep an eye on portion size, consider the kinds of foods and the amounts you are adding. Vegetables are low in calories so load up on them, fruits are high in sugar so keep that in mind. Nuts, seeds, their butters, coconut and avocado are high in healthy fats. They are great additions, but keep the portion sizes lower.
  • Is this going to be a snack? Keep an eye on portion size
  • Is this a meal replacement? Add some wonderful proteins to this blend, like nuts, seeds, their butters, cottage cheese, yoghurt, avocado.
  • Is this to help your body do some house cleaning? Make sure to keep the smoothie simple and do not add starchy veggies to the mix

If you have any questions to any of these suggestions or like my help to find your nutritional weakenesses, please contact me at