Strawberry Cherry Sauce

I love the strawberry season and I like to take advantage of these great berries as much as I can.

Of course you can make your strawberry shortcake, but that is not how I like to eat this fruit. I like to get as much of the real flavour out of this as I can and with as little added stuff as possible. Unless it is of course something else healthy and tasty.


For this recipe I have combined equal quantities of strawberries and cherries and use the Magic Bullet to mash things up. Then I add about 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to thicken the sauce and I use this sauce either on its own or over some wonderful plain, unflavoured yoghurt.



You can also spread it over some whole grain waffles or pancakes in stead of syrup or you can use this over the Avocado Faux Cheese Cake.







2 cups strawberries

2 cups cherries

4-5 tbsp chia seeds

Put the fruit in the Magic Bullet and mix. Don’t blend it too fine, it is nice to find some pieces of fruit in the sauce

Add your chia seeds and let the sauce thicken within 30 minutes.